Target Operating Model V0.1

Wandle's value proposition is to be customer and community focussed, offering value for money, good reliable services and safe and affordable homes. We do this through the following five strategic aims:



Wandle has a fit for purpose organisational structure and governance arrangements aligned to the needs of its customers, enabling delivery of consistently good services and value for money to our customers

Our vision What outcome are we trying to achieve?

We act together

The Wandle culture is one where our people, at all levels and regardless of organisation, act together using data and insight, working with our customers to drive up satisfaction.

Staff from all teams engage in front line activities such as assisting in estate inspections.

We have a flatter and more agile organisation with appropriate decision making and hierarchies

Wandle has a flatter, less hierarchical management structure to enable career progression and allow people to change how and where they work quickly and easily. Management structures and spans of control have been designed to enable best delivery for the customer depending on the organisational context.

Teams are fluid to support improved service delivery.

Decisions have been devolved to the lowest appropriate level possible.

We have redesigned our roles, responsibilities and accountabilities to deliver integrated service delivery

We have redesigned our services from the customer’s perspective. Joining them up and putting them online meant consolidating some roles and creating new service management roles responsible for end-to-end service delivery, harnessing the experience and expertise of our people.

People are empowered through clarity of decision making and staffing structures, but also required a number of different skills to deliver. We recognised that ICT changed many of our traditional skills. Data and digital literacy improved to embed data-driven decision making and drive the digital by design agenda. There was also be a need for broader business intelligence capability, problem solving and influencing skills.

The culture and outcome approach is reflected in the governance arrangements

The governance structure is both dependent on, and responsible for, a shift in culture and behaviours. Governance supported the culture change we wanted by facilitating a different type of conversation and required individuals and teams to act differently.

Long term financial viability supports our strategic aims

Good financial management is at the heart of the business, and the finance and performance models align clearly with both the organisational model and the governance structure.

Finance underpins decisions on new projects/innovation

Our finance and performance model provides detailed insight and analysis that:

  • Triggers improved innovation and value for money
  • Helps long-term decision making, not just thinking about the year ahead
  • Reinforces shared ownership of outcomes and an integrated culture.

Value for money is fundamental

We understand the cost and value of our activities, and have a relentless approach to driving efficiencies.  We are a benefits driven organisation and our key drivers are to increase the number of new homes and improvement in customer service.

We are strategically located

Our employees and partners are located as close as possible to the people and places they support, but we hold as little property (excluding our homes) as possible in as few locations as possible consistent with that goal.

We work smartly

Work takes place at the most effective times, and at the most effective locations – not necessarily in the office. Employees have more choice about where and when they work. Constraints are placed around certain roles or role types where business need dictates. Otherwise people and roles are given the flexibility to make these choices. We will embrace IT that enables us to collaborate virtually rather than physically. All people and roles are considered flexible by default.

A Wandle employee in 2024

I’ve been at Wandle a while now, and I was pretty sceptical of all of the changes Exec were talking about – I didn’t get how it would make a difference to my job (if I still had one!)

I’m beginning to get it now – all my information is available in one place, so I can check up how I’m doing against my objectives, and add to my one to one notes as I think of them, so my appraisals are much more useful than they used to be. I’ve agreed a plan with my manager to support my career goals, so I know what I need to develop to do this job even better – and to get the next one.

We used to work in such a rigid way – everyone used to complain about silos, but nothing ever changed. Now, everything’s more fluid, and I’m learning so much from the task force I’m on. Wandle put them together now when there’s a problem that needs a mix of skills and knowledge to solve – and we’re empowered to make decisions and resolve things properly for customers. I love getting involved in projects, and the chance to do it makes me feel like I’m trusted to do a good job.

I am proud to work here, and whenever we have a vacancy I share it with my contacts as it’s a great place to work.

People Management

Wandle provides the best place to work, ensuring staff are empowered to make decisions and inspired to deliver consistently good services to our customers

Our vision What outcome are we trying to achieve?

Our people have a positive experience at every stage of engagement with Wandle

For all employees (and prospective employees) to have a positive and value add experience at each stage of engagement with Wandle recruitment and on boarding, through performance management and career development, to leaving the organisation

We have modern, up-to-date, accurate data, accessible to all our employees

A single version for all staff data with integrated data, records and processes to create a single employee journey allowing a high degree of self-serve and self sufficiency

Our leaders will work inside and outside their direct management for greater collaboration and innovation

Leaders are expected to lead people both inside and outside their direct management chain fostering collaboration and innovation and supporting greater movement of skills and expertise across Wandle maximising the benefits of a diverse workforce

Our leaders are emotionally intelligent and create high levels of engagement and nurture our organisational culture

Our leaders demonstrate a high level of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and subject matter expertise where appropriate. Leaders are exemplary advocates of the organisational culture, ensuring that performance management achieves results and desired behaviours and under performance is managed

A prospective employee in 2024

I first applied for a role as a Neighbourhood Officer at Wandle a couple of years ago. I found the experience pretty daunting, as the form asks for a lot of criteria and it took hours and I wasn’t successful. I wasn’t sure about applying again after the last time, but I’m pleased I did!

This time, the role profile and application guidance were available with a video summary, and the portal was easy to follow with useful information right at my fingertips. The process was really straightforward, and it was easy to save it and come back to it later.

As soon as I hit submit, I got a message confirming receipt and letting me know I’d get an email the day after the closing date with the next steps. I was really impressed that when I was offered an interview, not only could I choose a timeslot, but I could choose whether to meet the panel at the office, or preferred a video call.

I’m pretty pleased that letting me know I’d got the job was done by phone – it’s the personal touch that counts – and after that I was sent details of a secure portal where I could send in my acceptance and other documents, and also learn a bit more about Wandle before my first day.

It was really cool to be able to meet the team and focus on my induction properly on my first day, having got all the e-learning done ahead of time.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in and making my mark!

Our Customers

Our customers will have a voice and will work in partnership with us to scrutinise and hold us to account, ensuring they receive consistently good services and value for money

Our vision What outcome are we trying to achieve?

Our staff and partners are easy to do business with

We are exemplars in customer service, meeting customer needs and problem solving. All staff, from permanent employees through to contracted services, are responsive to change, innovation and new technologies. Job design will support flexible and agile working

We make life easy for the customer

90% of transactions are self-serve enabled and when issues are more complex they are routed to the right officer, with access to the right tools and information for resolution, seeing a significant reduction in roles involved in the transactions.

Increasingly proactive and outbound contact mitigates the need for customers to contact Wandle

We continuously transform our business around end-to-end services and outcomes

We transform our business around end-to-end services and outcomes. We start with user needs and put customers at the centre of what we do, co-designing our services with our customers.

We listen to our customers and learn from our mistakes embedding a ‘right first time’ ethos and learning from exceptions

We remember our heritage

We maximise the number of affordable homes we can build

We focus our resources on the most vulnerable

With the majority of our services accessed via self-service, we focus our resources on those customers who need greater support and assistance to sustain their tenancies

A Tenant in 2024

The online portal has made a lot of things easier for me – I used to have to call every time I needed a repair, and getting an appointment was a nightmare.

Now I can book it all online, track what is happening and see how far the operative is away from my home – which means I can pop to the shop quickly if I need to – and no more waiting around all day for someone to show up.

It’s really reassuring to be able to see my live rent balance – when I make a payment it shows instantly, and it’s making managing my money easier. 

I actually get rewarded for using online tools rather than calling, which suits me as it’s much quicker anyway.


Wandle is digital by design, driven by customer preference and making smarter decisions as a result of being data driven to enable delivery of consistently good services and value for money to our customers

Our vision What outcome are we trying to achieve?

We are digital by design

A ‘digital first’ culture promoting self- service, automation and digital transactions over other processes, digital channels providing a high quality experience and meeting the needs of our customers, partners and staff

We provide the right tools for our people

We ensure our people are advocates of the latest IT and we provide modern and future-proof, mobile enabled technology which helped make a step-change in the use of IT in achieving outcomes and opening up a huge range of opportunities which we need to seize and harness

Data is universal and used by everyone across Wandle

Data is universal and used by everyone across Wandle. To truly champion a data driven approach, we ensured we had the right skills and culture in place. We built data expertise as a common resource across Wandle, covering both the management of and use of data.

We make decisions based on the data we hold and need to improve services to our customers

We are a data-driven organisation that uses data (both internal and external) to develop strategies, make decisions and take action. To do this, we will build a good understanding of the data we hold and need, as well as the right processes, supporting IT, skills and culture required to inform critical business decisions and improve our services to customers.

There is a single version of data

We established and manage a single version of customer, outcome, money, people and activity data across the group. This includes both historic and future plans/forecasts

A leaseholder in 2024

To be honest when I bought my flat, dealing with Wandle was very frustrating, but it seems like they’ve turned a corner – the new app is great, it means I don’t have to spend ages on the phone to them anymore.

The boiler went down yesterday, but before I even reported it, I got a push notification telling me someone would be on site within the next hour. I’m starting to feel like I can trust them to do what they say.

My service charge estimates seem more accurate, and there weren’t any problems with my actual bill this year. On our facebook group, we were all pretty impressed when Wandle hosted an online consultation about some works taking place at the building in the near future.

It was really good for them to be proactive about telling us what’s happening.

Partners and Alliances

Wandle will work in partnership across South London to enable delivery of consistently good services and value for money to our customers

Our vision What outcome are we trying to achieve?

We are a partner of choice

Partners and Contractors have a positive experience at each stage of engagement with Wandle.

The process to bid for opportunities is straightforward and fit for purpose, with our requirements and contract measures clearly defined and our technology allows payment transactions and communication to run smoothly

We robustly manage our contracts

There are standard processes across the group making it easier for Wandle and its partners alike to interact and manage contracts proactively and our staff are skilled in contract management

We are a key partner to our Local Authorities

Local authorities see Wandle as exemplars in supporting residents with needs and in particular sustaining tenancies, supporting housing need, addressing fraud and supporting victims of domestic violence

A Local Authority partner in 2024

Working with Wandle is great – our data sharing agreements mean we’ve been able to work together to tackle problems in our communities. For example, we recently secured joint funding to redesign an area where we were constantly getting fly tipping and graffiti, which was driven by accurate data mapping captured by Wandle – it’s all about having the information you need.

Wandle are also our go-to organisation for learning around tenancy sustainment – as it is something they have done really well. We are particularly interested in their customer life planning and working out how they can change to adapt to the customer’s needs.

In addition to this, Wandle have helped us massively in reducing our over reliance on using temporary accommodation by providing up to date information about properties they have available. They have also worked really hard on dealing with tenancy fraud and obtained 5 properties this year that were reallocated to people who really needed them.

Wandle send us regular e-newsletters about things they’re working on, and we’re looking forward to the next Stakeholder survey as Wandle have really made their mark in our area.


We use performance information to monitor our progress and adjust our ambitions based on our successes, challenges and external factors.

Managers and Leaders in 2024

As a leader at Wandle I spend over half my time providing direction, support, coaching and mentoring to my teams. My role is to ensure that my team are clear about their role which in turn enables them to feel empowered and provide choice for our customers.

My team performance dashboard provides me with all the information I need to provide appropriate support to my team. I am clear about where the organisation is going and the key performance indicators to support my role. My one-to-one meetings are regular and provide an opportunity for me to give and receive feedback. I get regular feedback from my manager, my peers and the staff I manage, and it’s great as it helps develop my leadership skills in areas that are important to people.

We work in a much more fluid way, which helps things get done better and quicker – and it’s a great development opportunity for staff.

My team works in a flexible way and we are all clear that output and work is not where we go but what we do. A better balance between work and home life means staff are happier and delivering better. 

I’m sure that it means our best staff are staying longer than they might have done!